Hey! Do you remember that one time that I went all summer without blogging?  That was a blast wasn’t it?  Not really.

It’s kind of a bummer that I didn’t write this summer (call me Dr. Seuss) because it was really a huge time of growth for me.  The Lord taught me so much and during that time I actually made a list of all the possible blog topics I could use if I ever did decide to touch the keys again.

(The list itself is actually a pretty hilarious sight.  With words and phrases like “cookies” and “circling the block,” I shudder to think about the theological gems I lost in forgetting their meaning.)

Well, as you know, I did decide to touch the keys again.  And even now as I type this, I wonder why I was so afraid.

So now, though it is a little dated, I’d love to tell you about one of the moments in which God spoke truth to me last summer.

A family in my church asked if I could house-sit for them while they were out of town, i.e. I needed to keep their pets alive.  Cool.  I could do that.

And before you think I’m about to tell you how I destroyed this precious family by forgetting to feed their fish or dog, think again.  When they came home, the animals were still alive and well.

It was a simple task.  Come in, let the dog out, feed the dog, let the dog back in at night.

And feed the fish.

I opened the top of the tank, sprinkled a pinch of fish food over the water, and walked away.

But one day, I stood for a moment and watched the fish after I gave them their food.  I could see them perk up as soon as the flakes hit the water.  (I don’t know if you knew that fish could show emotion, but they totally can.)

They swam frantically back and forth across the bottom of the tank but the flakes still floated at the top.  I was confused.  Had they forgotten how to get the food?  They would have to swim to the top to get their breakfast.

I tried informing them of this but they didn’t listen.  Because fish don’t have ears.  And because they don’t understand English.  But that’s beside the point.

I stood there, my stress level increasing by the second, wondering if the fish were going to starve because they couldn’t find the food.

And then He spoke.

“That’s you, Elizabeth. You are the fish.”

In that moment, I realized how often I end up swimming frantically in all horizontal directions looking for peace.  I try to hold my crazy busy life together all by myself.  I cover all the corners of my tiny fish-tank life looking for answers.  And all the while, the Lord is waiting for me to change the direction of my gaze—waiting for me to look up and see that He has provided everything I need.

I spend too much time fretting over the horizontal problems and stresses in my life, that too often I miss the vertical blessings He so graciously provides.

Maybe I’m the only one.  Maybe.  But maybe I’m not.

Look up today, friend.  He’s given you grace enough for this day.  All you have to do is take it.