Hello! I am so pleased you’ve stumbled upon my small corner of the Internet. Please, come on in.

Ever since I was small, writing has always been a way for me to see through a clearer lens. This space has become my favorite place to learn out loud. And heavens, is there a lot to learn.

I graduated college in 2015 and am, by all accounts, considered a grown-up now. I remember having a very specific conversation in the tenth grade with a friend about how we both thought we would never make it this far. It seemed laughable to imagine myself as an adult. But it happened, indeed.

In January of 2016, I moved to the beautiful city of Nashville, TN, to start my job as a sales rep for a music label. It has been an adventure I never anticipated and has brought more thrills to my doorstep than I ever could have dreamed.

The move has also come with its own specially packaged set of heartbreak and homesickness, as most new seasons and places are prone to do. But, “Faithful is He who calls you,” and I’m learning how to trust Him in the dark moments and the light.

Here is where I spill that mixture of colors. Here is where I share the good, the bad, the funny, the reflective, and the absurd. Here with you.

Thanks for listening.