I am beginning the process of mourning the loss of my birthday weekend! It was so perfect and wonderful that I hate to see it end!  I suppose I did celebrate my 21st birthday for a solid five days so I guess I should let it go…

But not before I tell you all about it! I began the festivities on Thursday by taking a trip to the salon after class.  I wasn’t planning on turning up any alcoholic drinks this weekend (or ever, for clarification) but I still wanted to do something drastic to mark this occasion.  So I dyed my hair.


The birthday girls with their sopaipillas at Rosie’s

Friday night, I celebrated small town America by strolling around First Friday with a few friends, one of which is my birthday twin.  We had loads of fun eating our fill of Mexican food and strolling past the endless booths of locally made crafts.  Also, if you’re a fan of the People Watching, First Friday is the place for you.

I spent the better part of my Saturday smiling at customers and taking their money.  When I got off, I met up with a few friends who had come into town to help me celebrate.  Oh how sweet it was to see their faces! It had been a whole two months since we were all together so we had an absolute blast!

After dinner, we went to Publix and bought a cake and candles and headed back to my house to make ourselves sick off of cookies and cream cake.


  My girls and my cake

On Sunday, some friends from church took me out to eat at a local restaurant of my choice. Upon later reflection, I realized that was the third time this week that I chose to eat at that establishment.  Have I finally accomplished my life-long goal of becoming a regular?  Oh, happy day!

On my actual date of birth, I woke up early and had a birthday breakfast with Dad at  the  Donut Shoppe.  I ended the day with family dinner at Longhorn’s Steakhouse where one of our party stood and requested, in a loud voice, that the whole restaurant sing to me.

I told the people sitting at that table that I had read several places that a person’s 21st birthday was really important.  Like the biggest birthday ever or  something.  So I had begun to think that maybe I was unprepared to adequately step across the threshold of this monumental year  of my life.  I had begun to worry that maybe it wouldn’t be that exciting.  But I told my family  the same thing I will say to those of you who sent me sweet words of well wishes for my  birthday:  There is  nowhere else I’d rather be and there’s no one else I’d rather be with.

When I look back on this  moment in my life, I will remember the overwhelming feeling that  stirs now in my heart as I  realize just how greatly God has blessed me.  It is almost too much  joy for any one soul to bear.  I love you all so terribly much, it makes me ache sometimes to think on it.

Life is crazy a lot of the time.  Things are busy and fast-paced and due dates are everywhere.  But this life I live, it’s a good one.  And I cannot help but smile at the thought of it all.