The final semester of college is just as difficult as I imagined it would be. The full schedule and list of deadlines have made it difficult for me to find my way back to the blog. As a small re-entry back into the blogosphere, I wrote this small piece on perspective. It’s my buzzword right now, because my perspective can be a little cloudy at times. I look out the window of graduation and see nothing. If you asked me where I will be in six months, all I could do is shrug my shoulders in uncertainty–another reoccurring word in my life these days. But the Lord is always faithful, and I am learning about the beauty of not knowing. I am learning that trust in a God who is certain is the silver lining to the dark cloud of uncertainty.

I found myself on a sidewalk a few weeks ago; the pavement was brown and made of a mixture of shattered pieces of rock and glass. I don’t know why I was looking down, but something caught my eye as I was staring at my shoes—a sparkling object in the middle of the mud-brown concrete. Lost in my own thought, I shifted my weight to my left foot, leaning forward slightly. The shining object disappeared. Rocking back on my right leg, it reappeared. I swayed back and forth for a minute or two, watching as the shine on the pavement came and went with every movement. At one angle, the sun splashed off the fleck of glass, making it look like a trapped diamond stuck beneath the surface. At the other angle, the fragment of concrete was impossible to pick out.

It occurred to me that all the variables in this scenario remained the same, save one. The concrete never moved. The sun never stopped shining. The only thing that changed was me. My perspective moved from one side to the other, revealing two different views of the same reality.

When we’re staring at difficult circumstances of our lives, it’s often hard to see the beauty in them. We’ve shifted our view too far one way or the other, and all we see is the muddiness of our current situation. But just because we can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because we don’t understand the purpose of the time we’re in, doesn’t mean it there isn’t one.

Maybe all we need is a little perspective. Maybe, all we need is to lean the other way.