I hate confrontation.  I really do.  You could not have paid me enough money to join the mix of demonstrators on the steps of the Supreme Court building this morning.  However, as much as I would like to run from any type of confrontation, it is inevitable.  When Truth meets Lie, sparks are bound to ignite.  The two cannot coexist.

Today is a great day for Hobby Lobby and for religious liberty.  This victory is extra sweet when we remember all the other times we’ve lost.  However, there is also a bitterness that comes to the back of my throat when I swallow this SCOTUS decision.  It is the sour reminder of the men and women who are trapped inside the lies of this world.  The ones who are ready to fight back against this decision.  The ones who truly believe this to be a fight against women.  Because that is untrue.  It is not a war against women.  Let’s look at the facts.  There are 20 different kinds of contraceptives.  Hobby Lobby takes issue with only four of those.  That means there are still 16 types of contraceptives that the corporation will cover in its insurance plan.

The mantra of the liberal feminists on Twitter is #NotMyBossBusiness.  They are right; it isn’t. It is not a corporation’s business to interfere with whether or not an employee chooses to conceive a child.  However, the four contraceptives they refuse to cover are abortive meaning that the medication will terminate an already active pregnancy.  If a female employee went to her employer and asked for him to fund a gun purchase so that she could kill her neighbor, would the liberals be so surprised if he told her no?  The Green family believes that supplying the four abortive contraceptives is equivalent to paying for an abortion i.e. paying for murder of an unborn human life.

Like I said, it is not a war against women though many seem to be stamping their feet and crossing their arms in pitiful protest for their “rights.”  It is not a set back for women.  It actually has nothing to do with feminism.  It has everything to do with the right of an evangelical business owner to live out his/her faith not just within the confines of the church but in the workplace.  It is an issue of religious liberty—a basic and fundamental right ensured to us as American citizens by the First Amendment.

With all that said, there will still be those who believe the wrong side.  I was talking to my mother this morning about the decision and about my frustration with those who were confusing lies with truth.  In her wisdom, she said, “The god of this age has blinded them to the truth.  The [SCOTUS] decision will create opportunities to speak the truth.  They will hear it.”

They will hear it.  The question is, will they hear it from us.  Scripture says that the rocks will cry out if we don’t.

As I said before, there is always confrontation when the Truth comes face-to-face with Falsity.  It cannot be avoided.  However, we do have a choice in how we respond.  Confrontation is not synonymous with hostility.  We are called to respond but in a gracious and loving manner as Christ responded to us.

It is a day that should be celebrated.  We should rejoice in the victory for religious liberty.  However, let us not forget that our celebration should be quickly followed by our knees pressing to the floor in prayer and intercession for those who are still blinded to the Truth.